Table Ball

“Ping Pong” but flat and top-down

Developer: Lockyz Dev
Publisher: Lockyz Dev

Have you ever wanted to play “Ping Pong” but flat and top-down?
Well dear reader, now you can with TABLE BALL from Lockyz Dev.


Game Modes

You wouldn’t think such a simple game would have game modes did you?
Well we have 3.

(Local) Player Vs Player

Grab a controller for you and a friend and control a different paddle each and fight to get the higher score.

Player Vs AI

Grab a paddle and whack the ball that the AI whacks back at you.


Watch the AI fight itself I guess?

Online PVP

Play with your friends across the pond in EPIC table ball action.

ONLY available in select builds.


Discord – Get updates on the development of the game and maybe even speak with the very very tired developers.

Patreon – Help financially support the development of the game and gain complete access to everything when it releases.

Website – Find more information about our projects, ourselves, and maybe yourself along the way.

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